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Flexible Header - Transparent with video background

Flex comes with several header layouts to match your personal taste. You can have classic header with navigation, centered or inline, or something more complex and place your ads and banners inside header. This is classic header with flexible transparent (video) background, so you can use image, video or colored block. Using powerful template's drag’n’drop layout builder, you can switch positions LTR or RTL (left-to-right or right-to-left).
Transparent Header
Classic header (transparent) with navigation (inline)
Logo (left or right) + Megamenu (left or right).
Classic header with navigation (inline)
Flex Header
Logo (left or right) + Megamenu (left or right).
Header with navigation (centered)
Centered Header
Logo (centered) + Megamenu (centered).
Header (Adspace)
Addspace Header
Logo (left or right) + Ad Space (left or right) + Megamenu (centered).
Transparent Header
Transparent Header
Logo + Megamenu. To make header transparent, in template's layout builder enter class: transparent.

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